January 19, 2024

How To Get On Podcasts

How to leverage “podcast guesting” to elevate yourself as a thought leader, generate more revenue, and promote your business—all for little to no cost.

The explosion of social media, AI-enabled online advertising, and the overall cacophony of the Internet has made it harder than ever to connect a message with an audience. One of the most powerful emerging tools for cutting through that noise is being a guest on podcasts, or “podcast guesting.”

Michelle Glogovac, aka THE Podcast Matchmaker™, knows the impact podcast guesting has on business and brand growth. She helps entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders, activists, experts, and authors promote
themselves, their businesses, organizations, stories, and expertise via podcast interviews.

How To Get On Podcasts The Course!

You’ll Learn how to….

  • Create unique speaking topics without being generic
  • Define your ideal audience
  • Design branded media kits
  • Repurpose your interviews into evergreen marketing content
  • Share yourself freely without resorting to sales tactics
  • Tell compelling stories
  • Establish your expertise and knowledge
  • And many other strategies for turning every interview into a valuable business opportunity

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